Our Vision

United Chems Ltd is an importer and distributor of organic solvents. Our suppliers range from domestic producers, Asian producers such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore to European producers. We carefully select and approve numbers of suppliers to ensure consistent supply and quality to our customers as well as regular purchase to our suppliers. Our markets are various manufacturing industries, who play important roles toward Thailand economy. For more than 30 years, we have supplied to paint, ink, resin, adhesive, agrochemical, thinner, electronic and plastic printing industries.

Our core value is to provide consistent supply to our customers. As a solvent distributor, we not only signify big volume consumers but we also emphasize more on volume consistency. During shortage situation which frequently take place in solvent industries, we commit ourselves to supply to our consistent customers. Our customer’s continuous production is the most important issue.

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Our Services

Our mission is to be one of the most well-equipped solvent distributors in the country. We continuously improve ourselves by focusing on 4 significant factors in order as follows.

solvent purchasing strategy consultation
supply and quality consistency
price competitiveness
logistics service

Our objective is not to be the supplier who could provide the lowest price all the time. Certainly, we are happy to be able to support lowest price to our customers. However, in any fair competition, customers always understand that none of supplier could provide lowest price all the time unless the supplier is relatively monopoly or they alter and distort their product qualities. Accordingly, our mission is to continuously improve ourselves with the sole objective that, by combining 4 factors that we focus, customers could specify our value and choose us to be one of their true and important partners.