Isobutyl Alcohol (IBA)

CAS Number : 78-83-1

Formula  :  C4H10O

Molecular weight : 74.12

Appearance : Clear liquid

Density : 0.803 @ 20 ºC (ASTM D4052)

Packaging : Drum.165 kgs.,Bulk 12,000-15,000L ,gallon, ปี๊บ

Material use :  Isobutanol (IBAL) is used as a solvent in the coating industry, printing inks and as a solubilizer in the textile industry and as a feedstock in the production of glycol ether, flotation acid (e.g. isobutyl xanthante), wear inhibitor and anticorrosion additives in engine oils. Other applications for Isobutanol are used as an extractant in the production of drugs and natural substances such as antibiotics, hormones, alkaloids and camphor. Also as an additives in alkyd resin
paint, polishes and cleaners.