CAS Number : 67-56-1

Formula  :  CH3OH

Molecular weight : 32.04

Appearance : Clear ,Colorless liquid

Density :  0.791 – 0.793 @ 20ºC (ASTM 4052)

Packaging : Drum. 160 kgs.,Bulk 12,000-15,000L ,gallon, ปี๊บ

Material use : As a solvent for industrial manufacturing Processes
Methanol is a solvent power and also used in various coating applications, wood stains, printing inks, duplicating fluids, photographic films, gums, metal extraction, resins, and as an extraction solvent. It is utilized in methanol-based antifreezes, paint removers and aircraft injection fluids. In addition it is used to produce various chemical compounds. Most notably formaldehyde.