N-Butanol (n-BuOH)

CAS Number : 71-36-3

Formula  :  C4H10O

Molecular weight : 74.12

Appearance : Clear liquid

Density : 0.809 -0.812 @ 20 ºC (ASTM D4052)

Packaging : Drum.165 kgs.,Bulk 12,000-15,000L ,gallon, ปี๊บ

Sourcing : BASF-Petronas

Material Uses :  As a solvent in antifreeze, disinfectants, etch primers, fountain solution in lithographic printing, fungicides, foundry dressings, lacquers, lacquer thinner, latex rubber production, liquid printing inks and stain removers. Also as a raw material for the manufacture of acetate, butylated resins, mixed alkylated glycol ethers, phathalates and xanthates.